RotaPlate Dev & Dry The missing link in your Pre-press



RotaPlate Dev & Dry The missing link in your Pre-press

Standardise quality and accelerate throughput in your Pre-press workflow.

SPGPrints’ RotaPlate Dev & Dry system provides a fast, ergonomic and automated means of developing and drying RotaPlate rotary screens, for narrow web applications, in a one-step, quality-assured process. RotaPlate Dev & Dry is an essential tool that completes your CtS system and also improves the quality having a conventional process.

In a cycle lasting between three and four minutes, the exposed RotaPlate is thoroughly washed out with recyclable water, then automatically air-dried without manual intervention. Once the process is complete, the screen is immediately ready for final assembly.



Time savings per cycle are estimated to be up to 12 minutes, making the device ideal for situations where high throughput is required. Automated developing and drying ensures uniformity of screen quality.

The unit offers environmental benefits by its included water filtering and recycling system. For rinsing we use fresh water. It requires no exhaust only electricity, compressed air and a tap water supply and disposal.

RotaPlate Dev & Dry is designed for RotaPlate meshes. It comes with an intuitive human-machine interface that requires only the push of the touch-screen to activate. RotaPlate Dev & Dry is a complete, sustainable system that integrates with advanced imaging devices, to provide optimum quality rotary screens in a standardized workflow for repeat-able, high-quality results.



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