Corona B-Station for Extrudsion




In today’s highly competitive retail environment, only the best quality image and presentation is acceptable for brand owners looking to influence consumer choice. How good a product looks on the shelf is a primary key to its success, so the quality of packaging is all important.

If, as a packaging converter, you are looking to process any non-absorbent substrate, like film, foil, or metallised paper and board, you will need to surface treat it first to make sure that adhesion is secure. This applies if you are using inks, varnishes and lacquers, lamination, or other converting techniques where a consistently high-quality finish is essential.

Here at Vetaphone, we have two options that will fulfil all of your requirements. For the majority of applications Corona treatment is the answer. Pioneered by us in the 1950s we have unparalleled knowledge and expertise in Corona treating a wide variety of substrates to guarantee surface adhesion, whether on untreated material, or stock that has been pre-treated but requires a boost to ensure the correct dyne level is achieved before processing.

For some of today’s more complex substrates, where the surface chemistry requires an alternative process, we offer Plasma treatment that uses a controlled environment and inert gas to achieve a higher dyne level.


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