Visit the Flexo Wash showroom at OMET Innovation Park

In the world of flexographic printing, partnerships are often the key to refining printing processes. A good example of these collaborations is the partnership between Flexo Wash and OMET.

As a provider of cleaning solutions to the printing industry, Flexo Wash has taken a significant step by opening a showroom inside the Innovation Park of OMET. This partnership highlights Flexo Wash’s commitment to customer service and highlights the important role industry collaborations play in improving the customer experience.

Five reasons why you should visit the Flexo Wash showroom at OMET Innovation Park:

  1. Hands-On Evaluation: A visit to the Flexo Wash showroom allows customers to get up close and personal with the cleaning machines. They can touch, feel, and interact with the equipment, gaining a firsthand understanding of its build quality, user-friendliness, and ergonomic design.
  2. Operational Efficiency Assessment: While the machines may not be running, customers can still assess their operational efficiency by examining the equipment and discussing its features. They can observe how the machines are designed to effectively remove ink and contaminants, gaining insights into how it can enhance their production processes.
  3. Customization Considerations: During their visit, customers can explore the equipment’s features and capabilities, allowing them to consider how it can be customized to meet their specific needs, even if they can’t discuss customization directly with experts.
  4. Cost-Efficiency Assessment: By observing the cleaning machines and gathering information about their features, customers can evaluate their potential cost-efficiency. They can consider factors such as energy consumption, consumables usage, and maintenance requirements, helping them make more informed cost estimates and evaluate the long-term return on investment. The cost-efficient solutions considerably increase printing press capabilities. This leads to streamlining of processes, resulting in quicker setup times, consistent print startup, and improved print quality. Moreover, more efficient troubleshooting contributes to overall operational efficiency, therefore highlighting the importance of embracing cost-efficient solutions in the printing industry.
  5. Optimize Your Workflow: If your current washing area is slowing down production, rely on Flexo Wash cleaning solutions to help you achieve a more streamlined workflow. Say goodbye to hurdles for your team and welcome smoother operations.